Residents frustrated at another crash on Lake (photo gallery)

Emergency Services on scene of yet another collision on the city's east end. (Dan Gray/

It seems about once a month an accident occurs at the corner of MacDonald and Lake according to local residents, and they want something done about it.

At approximately 11:10 a.m. this morning, emergency services were called to the intersection for a two vehicle collision.

Traffic was slowed as fire extricated one individual from a vehicle and the incident was investigated.

Two local residents who witnessed the crash said this is a frequent occurrence and hope the city may look at doing something at the intersection.

They have been told a 4-way stop isn’t feasable as the hill south of the intersection on Lake is too steep. However they aren’t happy with the status quo.

There was no word on injuries, we will bring you more if it becomes available.



  1. buses do not go up or down Lake Street hill…so not sure what buses you have seen fly down that hill

  2. The biggest problem is the hill, it’s so steep you can’t see cars that are half way up the hill already and people are too impatient to wait an extra moment. To solve this problem… it’s simple, make the people who are coming off McDonald turn right onto Lake St. Turning across traffic or driving straight through isn’t allowed anymore. There can’t be a stop light or 4-way stop at Lake St due to the hill being RIGHT THERE but if there isn’t anyone putting themselves in the way, no more accidents. If you’re going west on McDonald, you gotta make a right onto Lake St. going up to McNabb, if you’re going east on McDonald, you gotta go down Lake St. hill. Some enforcement should make the city coffers a little more flush as well, park a cruiser watching for people who aren’t making smart decisions.

  3. This has been going on for decades and it will continue if they don’t install some flashing signs on the approach and do some enforcement once in a while.

  4. You’re right Dave. Even the city buses “fly” down the hill. One of the main problems though are people are thinking it’s the same as Pine and MacDonald. They do stop, but then proceed through forgetting Lake Street I had the right of way..the “speeders aren’t helping, that’s for sure. Especially coming up the hill. Last week, an idiot on a racing motorbike came flying up the hill about 9:45 at night and almost hit a car turning onto Kinsmount. Need more police checking speeders, etc for sure !!

  5. we live on lake just off of mcnabb and constantly hear cars roaring by once they got the green light

  6. Sadly, the 4 way at Pine @ McDonald’s hill could have had similar results 2 days ago. While I was heading north on Pine and stopped at the 4 way @McDonald, the driver BEHIND me decided to pull out and drive around me continuing on north going thru intersection! What a disaster had there been a car going thru from east or west at the same time! Where do people learn to drive these days???? A stop sign means STOP!

  7. I see why they wouldn’t want a buildup of cars on the hill in the winter. The problem with the intersection is the speed of cars on Lake St. The police should pick more strategic spots for their speed traps. St Basil’s will get you speeders but it’s a lot lower risk when school’s out. Focus on intersections where all the accidents occur.

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