Sentencing hearing begins today for Adam Strong, convicted in deaths of two women


A sentencing hearing is set to begin today for a Toronto-area man found guilty in the killing and dismemberment of two women.

Adam Strong, 47, was convicted in March of first-degree murder in the death of Rori Hache and of manslaughter in that of Kandis Fitzpatrick.

The two women disappeared roughly a decade apart — Hache, who was 18 and pregnant, went missing in August 2017, while Fitzpatrick was last seen in 2008.

Hache’s torso was found in Lake Ontario about a month after she vanished.

Police did not link her death to Strong until later that year, after plumbers working on the house where he lived found a flesh-like substance in the pipes.

Fitzpatrick’s body was never found, but in 2018, police alleged they found her DNA in Strong’s basement, including on a hunting knife.

At trial, court heard Strong previously acknowledged the Crown had proven he dismembered the two women, but argued they failed to prove he killed them.

His sentencing hearing was initially scheduled for last month, but was postponed after the Superior Court of Justice directed courts to defer as many matters as possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today’s hearing is taking place in person at the Oshawa, Ont., courthouse.