Snowbirds Remember – One year since tragic loss (photos)


In a press release made by 431 Air Demonstration Squadron (The Snowbirds), Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Denis Bandet announced Operation Inspiration will continue this year.

The statement starts out remembering Capt. Jenn Casey who was tragically lost after a bird-strike caused the crash of the Snowbird she was riding in a year ago.

“Today marks one year since the tragedy that took the life of our friend and teammate, 431 AD Squadron and Snowbirds’s Public Affairs Officer, Captain Jenn Casey,” said Bandet in the statement. “Jenn Casey embodied the very best of what it means to be a Snowbird. Enthusiastic, warm, witty, a true team player, a leader and an innovative powerhouse. The trust that we had in her to connect with the public was absolute.”

Operation Inspiration was Capt. Casey’s idea, the original plan was to fly over as many of the major cities in Canada according to a press release by National Defence last year.

“Through Operation INSPIRATION, we not only want to salute the front-line health-care workers, first responders, and essential workers, but also all Canadians doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19. We want Canadians to know we’re in this with you,” said Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger, Commander Royal Canadian Air Force last year.

In a tribute to Casey, the Snowbirds have committed to continuing the mission throughout this years air-show season.

“This year, we will again be flying under Op INSPIRATION and carrying on Jenn’s legacy as we attend air shows and conduct flybys across Canada and the United States. We are also proud to have the 2021 CF-18 Demonstration Team joining us on our mission, which is especially moving as Jenn was asked to become a Snowbird following her incredible work as the 2018 CF-18 Demo Team Public Affairs Officer,” said Bandet in the press release.

“We are delighted to continue pursuing Jenn’s vision of inspiration and connection. We know it would put a smile on her face to see how many of you she touched and to see the outpouring of love coming from Canadians all over the country and around the world.”

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