TekSavvy says government should overturn CRTC ruling, call in Competition Bureau


TORONTO — TekSavvy Solutions Inc. says it wants the federal government to order a Competition Bureau investigation into the telecom industry in light of recent CRTC decisions.

The independent internet provider formally petitioned the Trudeau cabinet late last week to overturn a CRTC decision which will put pressure on smaller ISPs to raise prices for their internet customers.

The petition calls for cabinet to overrule the CRTC decision, remove CRTC chainman Ian Scott and order the Competition Bureau to look into activities by Canada’s phone and cable companies.

It comes after the CRTC last week reversed a 2019 decision that would have substantially lowered the wholesale internet prices charged by phone and cable companies to piggyback on larger companies’ networks.

Independent operators including TekSavvy buy access to the networks wholesale, which it then sells to its customers with television, phone and other services.

TekSavvy vice-president Andy Kaplan-Myrth says his company filed the complaint because this and other recent CRTC decisions set back efforts to support competition and reduce prices.

David Paddon, The Canadian Press