The Davey Home takes the Show on the Road


While many agencies and companies along with individuals of all ages have had to make changes to how they conduct business and live life, some of the most impacted have been the seniors residing in care homes.  Certainly, lockdown after lockdown has resulted in extended periods of isolation–with visits not being permitted by even immediate family members, and in some cases, residents being confined to their rooms as the pandemic continues to take from all.

It is of particular note to highlight what one organization is doing now to combat the loneliness and ennui that has been pervasive amongst the residents at the FJ Davey Home.  SaultOnline received an email highlighting a recent endeavour that is going a long way to bring the community back to the seniors who reside within the walls of this home.  Jennifer Mulvihill, Recreational Therapist, had this to say;

“Over the past year we have all had many struggles being away from the ones we love and the things we used to enjoy.  Our residents are no exception.  The Activity Department at the F.J Davey home is doing everything they can to bridge the gap and bring joy to our residents.  With extreme safety measures in place, we have started bringing our residents out for city drives in our Davey Home bus twice a week.”

The most recent outing was planned to be even more special, not only for attendees, but also for one resident, whose grandson had offered to perform an outdoor concert for the tour.  Mulvihill, described the event;

“This was far too heartwarming not to share with everyone.  It was a hit for all our residents who were able to sing and dance to a much needed musical performance.  The icing on the cake, [a resident] got to see not only her Grandson perform for all her friends but she also was able to see her great Grandson.”

On behalf of the recreation team, and with permission from all of the families, please enjoy the gallery of photos sent to remind us that this is a moment in time, and we are all able to make a moment, any moment, special.



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  1. How great the residents can go for bus rides again! Ralph would have loved it. The Davey Home has a really wonderful Activities Team.

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