Trespass Notice Served at Injection Tent

Sault Ste. Marie Police Services

On May 20, 2021 The City of Sault Ste. Marie issued a Notice to the organizer of the injection tent that they shall not occupy City property without authorization and must immediately stop using City property for the purposes of an injection site.

The Notice was subsequently served by members of Sault Ste. Marie Police in the area of James Street at which point they discontinued the activity and left the area.


  1. I really don’t think any site that is run by any governmental department is a very good idea they have one in Thunder Bay at The Norwest Health clinic but it is not utilized as it should be. It comes down to a matter of non trust on the part of the user. Their mentality is that police come in ID some people and put surveillance on them to find out where the drugs are coming from.There probably is some truth to that. So it would be a case of making the user comfortable enough to use a regulated site with nurses not one That’s a tent just thrown up on some street. That way if an overdose is occurring the nurses can act fast with Naloxon and also have EMS enroute.

  2. There has been an opioid crisis going on in the Sault for at least 10 years. Before that morphine crack and cocaine. We have had drug problems since I moved here in the early 90s. Substance use disorder is most often a symptom of trauma. Perhaps it is time to invest in mental health care and community supports for all not just the fortunate. Evidence shows that Supervised Consumption Sites save people lives and provide a critical linkage to care. How many lives need to be lost

  3. Its really sad that members of our community had to start this program, not that I endorse drug use in any way, but harm reduction strategies are key to reducing the short term issues with regards to communicable disease, decreasing overdose risk, responding promptly to overdose if it does happen while supervised, etc. This is clearly a politically motivated move, and is sad.

  4. This city council is just like a lot of people in this society, spending big money on their wants instead of the needs of the city. We even have business owners on council and they see nothing wrong with what they are spending on

  5. It’s far past time that the city set up a safe injection site in that area not to mention other outstanding issues like the shot roads and fixing the water issues at Pointe Des Chenes but they’re too worried about spending 8 million plus on a totally unnecessary downtown plaza. City hall is an out of control 3 ring circus that is spending large amounts of money that would be far better spent on the real priorities in Sault Ste. Marie.

  6. Police should go to LA and other USA major cities and see the tents lining the sidewalks in a very disturbing fashion. It’s a walk in the park for the Police here, no pun intended. Ron

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