What’s permitted in the three stages of Ontario’s reopening plan


Ontario has introduced a three-step plan for reopening the province that’s set to take effect in mid-June. Restrictions will lift based on vaccination rates and other health indicators, with at least 21 days between each stage.

Throughout the reopening plan, workplaces and public spaces will need to abide by public health guidelines around masking, physical distancing and capacity. Here’s a look at what’s permitted in each stage:


The first stage will kick in when at least 60 per cent of adults have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose. Moving to this stage will also depend on health indicators including case numbers and hospitalizations. The province wants to move to the first stage by the week of June 14.

Activities permitted under this stage include:

  • Gatherings of up to 10 people outdoors.
  • Outdoor dining with up to four people per table.
  • Outdoor fitness classes and sports training for up to 10 people and reopening of swimming pools and splash pads if two metres of physical distancing can be maintained.
  • Essential retail open up to 25 per cent capacity, selling all goods, and non-essential retail open up to 15 per cent capacity.
  • Outdoor religious services and ceremonies with two metres of space between people.
  • Horse racing and motor speedways without spectators, and outdoor horse riding.
  • Ontario Parks, campsites, campgrounds and short-term rentals.


This stage will take effect if the province has vaccinated 70 per cent of adults with one dose and 20 per cent of adults with two doses. It will also depend on positive public health and health-system trends.

Activities permitted under this stage include:

  • Gatherings of up to 25 people outdoors and up to five people indoors.
  • Outdoor dining with up to six people per table.
  • Outdoor sports leagues, outdoor meeting and event spaces, outdoor performing arts and cinemas with capacity limits.
  • Essential retail open to 50 per cent capacity and non-essential retail open to 25 per cent capacity.
  • Personal care services with masks and capacity limits.
  • Spectators at horse racing and motor speedways with capacity limits.
  • Outdoor tours with capacity limits.
  • Indoor religious services and ceremonies at 15 per cent capacity and public libraries with capacity limits.
  • Outdoor waterparks, amusement parks, fairs and rural exhibitions with capacity limits.


This will take effect 21 days after the second stage, depending on vaccination and health trends. The province says between 70 and 80 per cent of adults must have at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose and 25 per cent of adults must have two doses before moving to step three.

Permitted activities include:

  • Outdoor gatherings with larger capacity limits and indoor gatherings with capacity and other restrictions.
  • Indoor dining, events, cinemas, performing arts, museums, galleries, aquariums, casinos, bingo halls, sports and recreation with capacity limits.
  • Expanded capacity for all retail.
  • Expanded capacity at personal care services.

Additionally, the province says outdoor recreational amenities, including golf courses, tennis and basketball courts, can open this Saturday with restrictions.


  1. Positive cases don’t mean SQUAT! End the lockdown now and give us our freedom and rights under the charter now! we have the most regressive policy in most of the world.

  2. We have about the lowest rate of fully vaccinated people as a community in ONTARIO. Guess we won’t be out of this anytime soon. Time to go south to get second dose!! We should have started an outbreak so we could have had a chance at being fully vaccinated by now like the south. Stupid way of doing things.

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