705 Sports with Jacob and Colette


Welcome back to another Friday and another episode of 705 Sports with Jacob & Colette. And of course, we had another action-packed episode! Sadly we are not in our Leaf’s swag but we still have loads to talk about.

In the first segment, Colette and I talk about what didn’t work in Winnipeg, What players didn’t step up when they needed to and how the Jets couldn’t seem to get a grip in the series verse Montreal. We also talk about what Montreal has been doing to win whether it’s the Jets or the Leafs.  going over their style of play and what players have really stepped up. We also remind people that Montreal does have a legit chance in the third round.

In the second segment, Colette and I start off by yelling eggs. After being strange we talk about the first women to ever be drafted into the OHL. With this happening, it really does bring up the question. Why do we not have more outlets for women’s hockey and more chances for women’s sports general? Colette and I banter on this topic and how we feel about the situation. We then change gears and get back to the OHL draft, plus the players that the grayhounds picked up. Collete keeps the local updates coming with the Soo Thunderbirds and some new players they picked up over the week.  To wrap the segment up we talk about team Canada making the biggest comeback in world hockey championship history.

Last but certainly not least we have the third segment. In this segment, Colette and I quickly touch base on where the CFL return to play plan is at. We move right back to the NHL playoffs and talk about how the lighting really just ran through the first two rounds. Beating the Panthers in six and the Hurricanes in just five games. We break down how the Lighting is getting the job done and what they are going to do in the third round. We also talk about how the New York Islanders have been one of the biggest surprises in the playoffs. We take a deep dive into how they’re getting the wins and what they will need to do to move past the Lighting.