Al’s Pub boarded up


The City has taken action to board up Al’s Pub.

The decision comes after owner, Brent Garson, chose not to comply with the orders we wrote about earlier this month

Wright Time Contracting is currently on scene doing the work for the city.

One individual being evicted told SaultOnline how they felt.

”The city is just taking the problem from one place and spreading it out all over, instead of just keeping it here,” said the individual.

Some of these individuals are headed to the old Mill building, old hospital and a few of the camps which have popped up around the city, according to conversations we have had.

The building will be completely boarded up by the end of today.

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to bring you updates on this ongoing situation.


  1. The City needs to send ‘Wright Time Contracting..’ over to the Old Mill & a radiological / environmental assessment team into the Old Hospital before boarding it back up as well. Issue a 90-notice of compliance & or tear them down at the owner’s expense.


  2. It was about time the City get involved and takes the proper action.
    Now, give the owner 90 days to comply and if they decide to challenge, send the Demolition Crew!
    When facing squatters, it’s interesting where they were living before, further than five or six years ago, many of those people are from lands far away to the West.
    I insist, there is a mafia like those two or three women going around with a car loaded with syringes and drugs and a tent… they drive a black Chevrolet impala, or at least they drove such a car five or six months ago and many other people involved in moving the squatters around.
    We have to know who is behind supporting the illegal distribution of drugs and moving the squatters around.

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