Bell Media’s MuchMusic brand revived on TikTok with new generation of personalities


TORONTO — MuchMusic is being revived on TikTok with a new generation of personalities delivering short-form content about pop culture.

The new incarnation is now on the bite-sized video platform with teaser videos but will officially launch July 7.

The Bell Media brand launched in 1984 as a music-video channel but retired in 2013 when the station was renamed as just Much and started airing a variety of programming.

Justin Stockman, vice-president of content development and programming at Bell Media, says the new MuchMusic won’t have music videos like it did back in the day on the TV channel.

Instead, he says it will offer “interesting, fun content” and a Canadian viewpoint on youth and pop culture, including music.

Stockman says MuchMusic is Bell Media’s “most valuable Canadian youth brand ever.”

And while Much is a “top 10 channel” for Bell Media, he says “it’s not necessarily a youth channel in the same way it was.”

He notes advertisers are trying to reach Gen Z and younger millennials on their preferred platforms.

“It’s about creating brand partnership opportunities and unique content for Canadian youth where they can create a new star system, just like when I was younger and was watching VJs on Much but in the space where youth are, which is on social media,” he said.

Bell Media also noted TikTok is a natural partner for MuchMusic, since the platform has helped audiences discover new music and revisit old favourites.

The new MuchMusic will include revivals of its classic series, “Video on Trial,” “Intimate and Interactive” and “MuchMusic Spotlight.”

Bell Media said it will announce the MuchMusic talent lineup soon.

Stockman said the personalities and creators will work remotely for now, due to the pandemic.

“But it’s going to be an evolution,” he added. “We’re going to see what makes sense. The good news is with this, we can try almost anything and see what works and what doesn’t.”