City council puts brakes on current bus terminal proposal


The wheels on this bus terminal discussion roll forward, for at least two more weeks, after around 2 hours of council discussion on the matter.

A decision was made to look into the possibility of constructing a new building on the currently existing site.

The motion was made by Councillors Nero and Bruni and supported unanimously by council.

A report will come back to council on what that path looks like going forward in two weeks time.

We will have a more in-depth story on this decision in the coming days.


  1. We still have not gotten a comparison of prices, or the reasons why the downtown bus terminal needed to be moved!
    What advantage does the new proposed site, have to do with the old site? What would be the cost of rebuilding the old one?

  2. A good start, now how about scrapping the multi-million dollar useless downtown plaza idea and *permanently* fixing some of the despicable excuses for what you refer to as roads?

  3. This is good news.
    Above all, the Mayor as well as the Councillors have to understand that you can not shovel a decision down the taxpayers troth.
    In the whole down town area there are many taxpayers that know how to do business, have education, post graduated degrees and many of them made a fortune for themselves. Imagination and creativity can be found in everyone of us.
    But, we deserve to be asked and we deserve to be listen to.
    From that brain storming, I’m sure, will come far more practical ideas than the ones brewed in the dark caves of bureaucracy.
    This is a step on the right direction.
    Thank you.

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