City has a solution to help protect citizens from fast moving St. Mary’s River water


SaultOnline was contacted recently about an area off of the Hub Trail which has easy access to the river.

This reader is concerned about a specific location, between Mill Market and the fishing pier.   The concern, in this instance, is with regards to the speed in which the water moves through the locale, near the power plant.

We reached out to city staff for comment as there used to be a fence to deter people entering the water at this location. Communications Manager, Tessa Vecchio, explained the city’s pending actions:

“Along that section of the waterfront, Public Works is planting approximately 70 Juniper shrubs in the space between the pathway and the large stone on the river’s edge, along with two raised floral beds,” said Vecchio. “These Juniper shrubs will grow to be 3’-4’ in height creating a more natural, aesthetically beautiful barrier to the water’s edge. This work is scheduled to be completed in the next week or two.”

If you have any safety concerns inside the city, feel free to reach out to SaultOnline and we would happy to look into them.


    • What’s it to you? It’s a liability to the city, and they’d already planned to put it up. Now if someone drowns, the city can say they did their due diligence, and it dresses up the waterfront (likely cheaper than replacing the railing too).

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