City not charging for vaccine clinics

GFL Sign Unveiling
Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

With the pandemic rolling forward into month 16, the City has chosen to forgo money in favour of public safety.

Following up on a reader’s question, SaultOnline asked Communications Manager for the City, Tessa Vecchio, if the City has been charging a rental rate to Algoma Public Health for the use of the GFL Centre.

“We are not charging a rental rate on the days that the vaccine clinics are held,” said Vecchio. “The City, however, does invoice the Algoma Public Health Unit for costs related to staff cleaning and incidentals. There is no direct impact to the municipality.”

She did provide a rough breakdown of charges to APH over the past few months, noting that they vary because the number of clinics fluctuate month to month, affecting billable costs in terms of materials, labour, security etc.

This graph, provided by the city, shows a rough amount of what APH has been charged.

If you wanted to rent the GFL ice rink as an adult, the rate per hour is $200, according to the City’s website.

It is also recognized that the City is struggling to make ends meet.  For example, there have been cuts to the snow removal allocation to help balance the budget.  Further, interest on property taxes have been temporarily suspended, correspondingly impacting a once reliable income stream, as a means of helping citizens in these unprecedented times.

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  1. The mayor makes the big bucks for doing jack shit, I’m sure a month’s salary to foot the bill for this would remain unnoticed in his hefty bank account.

  2. ooo-Rah, our heroes at City hall doing something good. BS, they shouldn’t be charging anything for running the clinics. They get paid for being at City Hall for doing, what I call, legacy build up. Well this is the time to pay someone that is doing something really great for our citizens, possibly saving lives. Can they boast that that is what they are doing. This is just a band aid for the record that they are accumulating during their terms in office.

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