City starts offering Community Pass – helps track COVID

Aerial shot City Hall (Dan Gray/

With Step 1 of the provincial reopening plan underway, the City of Sault Ste. Marie in partnership with My Community Health Inc. is pleased to support CommunityPass, a free app to aid in screening and contact tracing efforts.

The app, developed by a group of health care professionals in Sault Ste. Marie, has several features, including helping people to self-screen for symptoms, check in to locations to assist with contact tracing and store COVID-19 vaccine documents and test results.

“For organizations, the app is used to screen and check in employees and visitors and provides helpful data for contact tracing,” said Dr. Lucas Castellani, an infectious disease physician in Sault Ste. Marie, and one of the doctors behind the project. “Additionally, an organization can house pandemic related protocols, policies and use push notifications to keep users informed. For general application users, in addition to the check-in and screening functionality, important COVID-19 related information including COVID-19 testing results and proof of COVID-19 vaccine can be stored in the app.”

Using beacon technology and Bluetooth, users can automatically check-in if they are in close proximity to a beacon with their mobile device. Community facilities with beacon technology include the GFL Memorial Gardens, Transit Services, Seniors Centres, Northern Community Centre and the John Rhodes Community Centre.

“We are pleased to work with My Community Health Inc. on this important initiative,” said Brent Lamming, Director of Community Services. “As the economy begins to reopen, the health and safety of our community utilizing City facilities continues to be our top priority. The CommunityPass app is another way to support the great work of our public health organizations that have worked tirelessly to keep our community safe.”

Data from the app is stored on secure Canadian servers in compliance with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). In the event of an exposure, public health professionals can access the information of who had checked-in to various locations to facilitate COVID-19 contact tracing. The app is also used for screening prior to entrance to various locations if required as part of municipal, provincial or public health regulations.

Participation is voluntary and only those who choose to download the app will be taking place in the program. The free app can be downloaded on ‘Google Play’ or on the ‘App Store’. For more information, visit


    • Funny how bit by bit all those crazy “tinfoil hat conspiracies” are starting to show merit.
      AstraZeneca being dangerous and ineffective – turned true and second doses are no longer being offered
      Covid19 being lab borne – turned out to be true
      Trudeau is using covid19 as a cover to push sketchy legislation – turned out to true – this weak the Speaker caught Trudeau sneaking 24 bits of concerning and secret points in his Bill C-10 he’s pushing but thankfully the Speaker caught it and is ordering Trudeau to remove them.
      Wonder what’s next?

  1. Screening and contact tracing now that covid cases continue on a downward trend.
    Great idea for a year ago.

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