Collision shuts busy east end intersection (photos)

Emergency Services responded to a collision in the east end, June 29, 2021 (Dan Gray/

A dinner hour collision has sent at least one to hospital and caused a major slow-down in the east end.

Multiple emergency services units attended to a call of a what was originally reported at a four vehicle collision.

Upon arrival in the pouring rain at Boundry Road and Chambers Avenue, they found two vehicles involved, including one which had taken out a a light standard south of the intersection.

It appeared as though everyone was out of the vehicle although we did witness at least one ambulance leave the scene with someone on board.

The cause of the collision is currently under investigation.
The extent of injuries is unknown, Boundry Road south of the intersection remains closed as PUC works to repair the downed light standard.

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  1. Is there something in the water? People are motoring along these days thinking about everything else but their driving. There have been far too many of these collisions lately. People need to wake up and take driving an automobile seriously, or downgrade to a bicycle or their sneakers.
    You are definitely on the ball referring to these as collisions and not accidents.

    • I noticed the unbalance in the equation (transit+vehicles-driver)~CH3-CH2-OH
      For some reason, lately, two events are part of the news more often, Fires and Collisions.

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