Downtown Street closed due to collision (7 photos)

Emergency Services responded to an MVC downtown, June 15, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.ocm)

Shortly after 10:30 p.m. emergency services were called to an intersection in the downtown core for a two vehicle collision.

Upon arrival at the corner of Bay Street and Spring Street, they encountered a SUV and a car had collided, sending one into a pole.

The white car could be seen stopped approximately 75 feet further east on Bay, while the SUV had significant damage and end up on the sidewalk in the intersection.

SaultOnline has learned there were no significant injuries in the collision.

As of 11:30 p.m. police still had the intersection closed while they investigated.

Stay with SaultOnline as we bring you more information if it becomes available.


  1. Last Saturday I was, along with other drivers ahead of me, “snailing” west past a nasty MVA on the corner of Great Northern and McNabb, trying to allow the police ample room. No sooner did I get through the intersection, when a ‘macho’ truck passed me on the left at ??? km/hour. It’s as though he didn’t see the accident, and didn’t seem to get why other vehicles were crawling. .?? For sure, the driver was behind the wheel of his macho truck, but I’d like to know where he *really* was. ??

  2. Well… if we had the plaza completed as planned… drivers can practice collision avoidance around the plaza, while the addicts enjoy the “free needles tent”, all paid with taxpayers money.

  3. Are people gonna start screaming now that the city should be reinstalling traffic lights at that intersection?

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