Fire Services train for all situations

Sault Fire Services participate in training exercise, June 6, 2021 (Dan Gray/

Although more often than not, when you see stories about firefighters they are putting out fires or at accidents, they do train for other situations.

This afternoon was no different. If you were driving down Bay Street near Station One, it was hard to miss the gaggle of individuals on top of the training tower at the north station.

SaultOnline observed the first responders practicing rope rescues.

Firefighters could be seen working with a dummy on a backboard/basket and learning how to rig the equipment. In my experience, coming from departments where this is done regularly, this training is just in case someone is in an area not easily accessible and they need to be safely removed from the situation.

One example would be if you trapped at the bottom of a cliff or in a ravine. A rope basket rescue would be one option for firefighters to get you out.

The firefighters trained for a while this afternoon on this technique, just in the event these skills would be needed to save someone’s life.

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