Firefighters receive citation for rescue

Sault Firefighters working on a fire in the west end, April 25, 2021. (Dan Gray/
In a Facebook post made by Sault Fire Services, they recognized 5 firefighters for a rescue made during a fire back in April.

The fire, which occurred in an upstairs apartment of a building, sent one person to hospital in life-threatening condition.

SaultOnline is happy to report the victim in this situation is out of hospital and currently recovering according to family members.

The five firefighters involved in the rescue early that Sunday morning were recognized yesterday.

Picture provided by Sault Fire Services Facebook.

“Captain Jason Jaremko, Captain Steve Foster, Firefighter Aidan Wright, Firefighter Brandon Hayes and Firefighter Vince Caputo each received a Fire Chief Citation, presented by Fire Chief Peter Johnson and the senior management team,” said the post.

“We are very proud of our firefighters and the work they do to keep our community safe!”

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  1. There are always a few people with opinions that matter NOT… Bill or Will, you try carrying a grown person out of a burning building to see how easy it is. Their jobs are to extinguish the fire and if a rescue is necessary then they do that also. I am sure there are plenty of other things they do that we are not aware of. On a kinder note, I want to say thank you firefighters for all that you do. If I had my way every time you have to leave the firehouse to do your job you would get an award.

  2. Huge congratulations to these firefighters. Someone is alive because of you. I would call that an amazing day at work and well deserving of recognition. Thank you.

  3. Why do they get a citation for doing their job? They do a job that 80% of the population would do for third of what they make. It makes no sense at all.

  4. This is their job, they chose this profession and that is a part of their duties every day, it’s why they get paid the big bucks, noteworthy but not award worthy every time they haul someone out of a burning building.

    • From what I understand pulling people out of a building and having them survive is actually a very very good, difficult, and unlikely thing. So yes, it is kind of award worthy to beat the odds and do some crazy shit that you’d only dream about while you armchair on about their jobs.

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