Ford extremely disappointed some school boards passing on opportunity for outdoor celebrations


Ontario Premier Doug Ford is voicing his extreme disappointment that some school boards in the province are passing on the opportunity to hold brief outdoor celebrations for students who have worked so hard this year during these unprecedented times.

Ford issued the following statement yesterday:

“We recognize the incredible toll the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Ontario’s students across the province. That’s why we are working on the necessary regulatory changes to allow school boards to invite students back for a brief, outdoor, end-of-year celebration to reward them for their hard work during an unprecedented school year.

With these changes being made, in consultation with Public Health, we are extremely disappointed to hear that some school boards are passing on the opportunity for their students to celebrate safely and in-person with their teachers and friends.

With weeks left to plan, there is no reason that in a year like no other, school boards can’t think outside the box and do all they can to safely give Ontario students the send- off they rightfully deserve.”

On background: As outlined in Ontario’s Roadmap to Reopening, in Step 1, weddings, funerals and religious services, rites and ceremonies are permitted outdoors with capacity limited to permit physical distancing of 2 metres. We are working on the necessary changes that will allow school boards to hold similar ceremonies.



  1. These teachers and students are going here going there, seeing these people and those people, but it’s okay because they know them, tell me these teachers and students are not out playing with friends, visiting etc… but are staying home not going anywhere every day, I know “not”!!!!!!!!

  2. Teachers Unions have been fighting with every stripe of government for years. These unions have enormous clout here and in the USA. School Boards would likely bend to the unions. Are these folk’s there for the kids as they usually proclaim to be? Are the kids secondary to the Teachers Unions? Perhaps…..Ron…..

    • Or perhaps school boards and teachers believe the safety of students is more important than making Doug Ford look good.

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