Former Hospital plagued by ongoing problems

Vandals have made their own access into the old hospital site, June 15, 2021 (Dan Gray/

A once highly utilized building in the downtown core, has fallen into disrepair and is now a danger to residents, according to an individual we spoke with, who lives in the area.

SaultOnline was invited down to the area and was shown multiple, ongoing issues with the former hospital site by a local resident.

Multiple smashed windows give a view into the deteriorating conditions inside the former hospital, June 15, 2021 (Dan Gray/

The resident, to whom we have granted anonymity, explained that, in the time they have owned the property nearby, the problems at the hospital site have only gotten worse.

They said that the City has not responded to multiple calls that they and others in the neighbourhood have made, and are frustrated they haven’t had any acknowledgement of the escalating issues.

There have been reports of individuals inside the facility and also indications of drug use in addition to the smashed windows and the smell which are all issues with owning property near the former healthcare facility.

During the walk about the property, you could see multiple windows that had been smashed, however, what hit you the most was the smell.

A combination of mold, wet drywall and many other smells all wrapped up in one. They said when the wind blows into their yards, they can’t even go outside, their lungs burn and eyes water.

Windows have had graffiti placed inside them at the old hospital, June 15, 2021 (Dan Gray/

Just over a month ago, SaultOnline learned that emergency services responded, en-mass, in response to call regarding someone on the roof. According to the resident, this is a routine occurrence. They also believe there are people living inside the old hospital.

It has been over 2 years since Leisure Meadows Community Living Inc., based in Vaughan, On., a subsidiary of Wilsondale Asset Management Group, took possession of the property with plans to redevelop it.

It appears as though these plans have stalled, and the result is a worsening situation for the neighbourhood. It is further believed that almost anything of value inside the building has likely been taken by local thieves.

The building is not secured, the City appears to be turning a blind eye, and the resident we spoke with just wants action before someone gets hurt, or worse.

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  1. Nice to see someone digging up the dirt that needs to be dug up to expose the pitiful bunch at city hall and their ongoing ineptness. They can’t seem to do anything right and love to blame anyone they can for their own shortcomings. A major shake up is needed at city hall, there’s no question about it. How about we start with Mayor Pumpkinhead’s resignation. Post a poll, I bet the majority would agree.
    Dan the man!

    • The city doesn’t own the old hospital. It can only follow laws and regulations pertaining to its condition.
      It would not matter who was on council ….even if oh so wise Will ran for and won a seat.

  2. Can we move the bus terminal there?
    Or even better… build a plaza and park the Norgoma.

    I still think the terminal is the best choice.

  3. I thought they gave them a deadline, since the previous owners did the same thing, bought it, mowed grass and nothing for years, then sold again…. and I bet it will be sold again….maybe just buying to get tax break… I dunno just saying…. issues like this should be taken care of immediately….. forget about making plazas…. deal with the ghetto looking buildings and properties….

  4. Why were they not given a time limit by the city to complete the work or made to forfeit the property? Inquiring minds want to know?
    It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that it was an oversight by Careless Mayor Pumpkinhead.

    • There are no deadlines, they were asked to follow city bylaws like everyone else.
      They are doing that so get your facts straight.
      It’s private property so the city needs to keep their nose out of it

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