Game two per-game, can the Canadiens win game 2


We are going into game 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs with the Tampa Bay Lightning leading the series one game to nothing. Montreal are the underdogs yet again with many people feeling they have no chance to win this series. If Montreal is able to make a comeback they need to do a few key things.

Don’t take any penalties

The Tamp Bay Lightning have the best power-play during the playoffs clicking over %90. The Canadiens also have the best penalty kill during these playoffs however the Lightning just have to many weapons to slow down.

Carey Price needs to be on his game

Going into this series we knew goaltending was going to be key for both teams. Andrei Vasilevskiy and Carey Price are two of the best goalies in the world. Price was the busier goalie in game one witch was expected. There is a good chance Price is going to need to steal this game for Montreal tonight.

Line Matching

Tampa Bay was won the line matching battle in game one. The Suzuki line was unable to defend the Lightning’s top line. Canadiens coach Luke Richardson was unable to get the  Danault line out when he wanted to and it hurt the Habs. If Montreal is going to win tonight they need to do a better job getting the match ups they want. Line changes on the fly is needed for the Canadiens to have a chance in game two.

If the Montreal Canadiens are able to do these three key points I really feel they stand a good chance. Weather Montreal is able to win this game or not, they need to at least show up and prove to themselves and the hockey world they can play shift for shift with the powerful Tampa Bay Lightning.