Greyhounds vs. City Council – the bus stops here

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The Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds have added their voice to a  seemingly contentious issue coming to Council Monday night.

The Greyhounds come out as the opposing team in this battle with City Council. They appreciate “the multitude of considerations that have gone into the proposed recommendation to relocate the bus terminal,” but don’t agree with it.

“From the perspective of the Soo Greyhounds, we believe that the existing location on Dennis Street provides greater access and convenience for both current and future attendees of Soo Greyhound games and other entertainment at the GFL Memorial Gardens,” said Greyhounds President and Governor Tim Lukenda. “We believe that it is critical to foster a strong downtown core to attract patrons of our games to visit nearby restaurants, bars and other retail establishments. Convenient, low cost transportation to the downtown area is a critical component of this strategy.”

In a conversation with Michael Nanne, who owns the property to the west of the current bus terminal, he told us you notice the difference between a Wednesday night on Queen Street and a Saturday night when a game is on.

From the perspective of the Greyhounds they suggest a different plan.

“We fully recognize that the existing bus terminal has reached the end of its useful life but feel that an investment in a new and improved bus terminal in the Dennis Street location would serve the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie well.”

The full letter to council can be seen below.

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Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to bring you more information regarding this topic as it heads before council. If you want to watch council you can go to the city’s YouTube, Monday at 4:30 p.m..



  1. We need an overall view. I know it’s been covered, in dries and drabs, in many other forums. Now, please, give us the overview, then specifics. Cherry-picking opinions, without relevant linking to facts, just leaves me bewildered.

    I’d like to see the price breakdown, for the possible solutions to the need for the bus terminal move:

    #1 moving the terminal

    1. Cost of proposed move
    2. Cost of a rebuild at the Dennis location

    #2 reasons for moving to Huron Street vs rebuilding

    # 3 projected effect of moving, to Huron. Who benefits?
    Effects on specific businesses? Effects on people in Jamestown? Effects on traffic movement?

    #4 what would be done with the Dennis St. Property, if they do move? Do they have a buyer already?

  2. Nice picture of the partially finished city hall. Repairs still to be done on the north side, orange warning pylons all over the front entrance. Perhaps finish one job properly before moving on to make a mess of another ie bus terminal. Go get them Mike and Tim

  3. Wherever the terminal is located, a properly and efficiently designed route system can endure and encourage the public to attend events downtown and at the Gardens.

  4. renovate sears into the bus terminal. There’s parking and having the bus at waterfront is a ein win

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