Grocer 4 Good Ability Development Program – supporting employment for all and fighting hunger downtown


A walk along Gore Street, near the Albert Street, East intersection will have you on the doorstep of a very tidy establishment that has taken aim at tackling two very significant challenges faced by our community – lack of relevant employment opportunities for those with disabilities and food insecurity, particularly among those on a fixed income and living in the downtown core.

Grocer 4 Good Ability Development program, first opened its doors in February, 2020 and has been operational every since, striving towards sustainability and giving back to the more vulnerable populations of our community.  A visit to their website will provide you with insight to the vision that started it all.

“It began with determination and a drive to create something positive in the city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Grocer 4 Good Ability Development Program (G4G) was started in order to address two key gaps: one being the lack of paid employment opportunities for those with disabilities and barriers, and the second being the lack of food access in the downtown area for those on a fixed income.

Using the model of a grocery store, G4G is a program that gives job skill training, paid employment or volunteer work to those who face barriers, or who are chronically underemployed. The grocery store is currently located at 133 Gore Street, and is open and available for anyone to shop at!  We accept cash, debit, Visa/MasterCard and have gift cards available in-store or online.”

In conversation with Lisa Vezeau-Allen, founder and President of the Board of Directors for Grocer 4 Good Ability Development Program, she shares some information regarding achieving charitable status, staffing structure, operational capacity as well as how you can help support this organization through ongoing fundraising opportunities.

As G4G has no source of core funding, this program is heavily reliant upon donations to sustain their operations.  With fundraising as a supplement to donations, Vezeau-Allen is a very busy entrepreneur, always finding new opportunities and creating innovative fundraising events to support this business.  To this end, you can click to participate in a current, and ongoing event that is being hosted in partnership with Northern Credit Union.  The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is a summer fundraising campaign put on by Canada Helps. Every dollar donated through the Canada Helps website, will enter G4G into the contest, providing chances for G4G to win up to $20,000 at the end of the month!  For more information on the Great Canadian Giving Challenge please see the press release

Further to this event, please keep your eyes open for recurring G4G Supper Club events that feature delicious foods prepared by a variety of very talented, local chefs.  The next Supper Club is being hosted this Sunday, June 27th and details can be found on their Facebook page

Grocer 4 Good is open to the public and is ready to meet your shopping needs Monday through Saturday.  Please check their website for specific hours of operation



  1. Nordic is always looking for social services to fund. They help fund our local DV shelters.

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