Have you seen this snake? (25 photos)

One of well over 500 rocks decorating the local waterfront, June 27, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

At almost 250 metres in length it is most likely the largest snake anyone has ever seen, and yet poses no threat, and is far from scary.

Bearing messages of love, hope, confidence, strength and even a small book, this snake doesn’t move but it just grows, slowly, every day.

This snake is located on the waterfront, more specifically, on the boardwalk between the Canal District and the Bondar Pavilion.

Multiple people could be seen stopping to take a look at the messages on the rocks, and although no one knew the specific motivation behind them, some of the messaging was really clear.

Multiple stones were painted with inspirational notes, letting people know they were enough or that the world needs them. Others were painted in remembrance of the lost indigenous children.

A small book reads,

“I see you taking up more space for yourself, I see you daring to dream, love and to grow. The world is truly a magical place with you in it!,” by A.W.

We caught up with one of those making a contribution, by chance, when he was dropping off two more stones at the end of the snake. He said he does it to keep his mind occupied and to pass the time because there isn’t much else to do.

The sign at the head of the snake says the goal is for it to become a mile long.

If you enjoy painting stones and want to make people smile, feel free to add to this unique piece of artistry, slithering its way across the boardwalk.

Stay with us as we continue to bring you some of the heartfelt stories in Sault Ste. Marie and area.