Is Democracy Dead? – Delegation Opposed to Bus Terminal Relocation Denied Request

Aerial shot City Hall (Dan Gray/

A definition, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary;

  • Democracy – A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.

What has happened here? A group of like-minded, concerned business people approached the City to present an opposing view to a matter up for discussion at the next council meeting. They were denied.

Many interested parties in the proposed Bus Terminal Relocation had requested to receive notice of when City Council was to consider the matter. They didn’t get it.

“We will seek leave to make a presentation in opposition to the move of the Terminal to the proposed relocation site,” said a representative of the group in an e-mail request to the City. “I would also ask, in advance of such a meeting,  for a copy of any report that may be considered by Council. I would respectfully suggest that we receive sufficient lead time to prepare for such a meeting.”

The City’s response to their request is copied below, authored by CAO Malcolm White, one of three members of the Agenda Review Committee.

If you remember in a previous story, the Agenda Review Committee approves what goes on the Agenda for City Council and is made up of three members, Mayor Christian Provenzano, CAO White and City Clerk Rachel Tyczinski.

Councillor Luke Dufour even went as far as telling us he had only previously seen the committee deny something if it was illegal. So why this response from White?

“Your request was reviewed at the Agenda Review Committee meeting this afternoon.  Aside from the consultant who will be presenting the Relocation Feasibility Study, we will not be receiving delegations for this item,” said White.

The response continues.

“The study was conducted as an Environmental Assessment (EA) process with significant opportunity for public consultation – the amount of consultation exceeded the requirements for this level of EA,” said White.  “The input received, including that in opposition to the relocation, is included in both the consultant report and the staff report, both of which will be available when the agenda is posted publicly on Friday morning – I will ask Tom to forward copies directly to you at that time.

Should you wish to provide any written material for Council to consider as part of the decision, we can certainly make that available to them.”



In short, a delegation in this case, the consultant, is getting an opportunity to present information. Those opposed have been told, “no”.

Earlier this year, it was alleged that a faulty survey was done in support. This was only one of the inconsistencies that appeared in regards to the relocation. A letter from the Machine Shop stated a few others.

“The public information sessions held revealed an important message. Not all stakeholders within our community were consulted nor aware of the public sessions. These examples include the Downtown businesses, Soo Greyhounds hockey club and tourism partners.”

So why would the committee choose not to let a delegation opposed to the relocation matter speak to council? Has this happened before?

In a similar matter, Pointe Des Chenes Campground, SaultOnline was told that within weeks the land was to be deemed excess by the city, therefore allowing it to be sold. We also know that councillors voted against that motion behind closed doors.

Is the same thing happening here?

Take the time to cast your vote on SaultOnline’s most recent poll concerning this matter, as well as others.

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  1. City staff can not even get the recladding of city hall finished. Now in year 3.Good luck with this bus terminal fiasco.

  2. The Agenda Review Committee is made up of the Mayor Elected ,CAO appointed ,City Clerk both Non elected.

    There should be two Councillors on this Committee to give the People the control of this Committee by elected representatives.

    With City Staff controlling the Agenda Review Committee by a 2 to 1 margin .The Fox is guarding the henhouse .The Saults Deep State runs this City .That is not Democracy .Why even have a City Council or elections when mayor and council have no say on what goes on thd Agenda.
    The last 10 years Mayor Council has lost control over thd running of this City .Since the change of the Agenda Review Committee the Saults Deep State now runs this city .Evidence Point des Chene campground ,and how the Staff ignored it to the point that it closed.Something Fishy there ,The Crooked deal with the Studio 10 property Another smelly deal .The suttle harassment of certain property owners by the Elected Yard Nazis .
    Every one on council except for Councilor Hollingsworth needs to be replaced next election

    • With the PAST City Council Members Gone, including Frank Manzo, Common Sense is now Non-Existent in Today’s City Council! I hope that anyone who actually Loves this city and wants to run for City Council next election will contemplate running. We need this Leftist (Liberal/NDP) minded City Council to Never, Ever be Elected Again! This City has become a Disaster in the last few years! YES, WE DO MISS FRANK MANZO AND COMMON SENSE!!

  3. Of course democracy is dead. It’s been dying a slow death under liberalism of Provenzano’s & Trudeau’s politics.
    Can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss Harper.

  4. Actually, I think it won’t be too long before the Pte Des Chenes park will be sold to a developer, probably closely involved, if not related to, or involved with, some one on council, to be built up as Condos..Avery has been trying to do that for years but doesn’t have enough drag…

  5. Sorry Dan, but you need to realize we run a terribly closed city here.. If you are not part of the “old boys club” you get squat.. Even with all the new members on council, the old boys club still tells them what to do.. In any other city the mayor would been in hot water over a sale like the strip club property, but not in Sault Ste Marie. It wouldn’t surprise me if you got a surprising appointment to another paper elsewhere, like maybe Nunuvit, or Moose Factory.. Be careful of who’s back you scratch, some peoples skin is thinner than others. I thought this stuff died when Fratessi left but I guess not..

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