is Montreal done after losing game 4?


If you told any Montreal Canadiens fan they would be tied 2 games apiece going into game 5 in the conference finals, they would be happy. The Vegas Golden Knights are clearly the better team and they were the favourites going into this series. However, we are now seeing a lot of people saying the Canadiens blew it when they lost game 4. They are going back to Vegas all tied up at 2s.

Why was game 4 so important?

The reason why game 4 was so important for Montreal is not just the fact that they lost. It’s how they lost, The Habs had really been controlling most of the game until the Golden Knights were able to get a weak goal past the Canadiens goaltender Carey Price. Once this weak goal went in the game completely changed. Vegas controlled the puck for almost the rest of the third period and ended the game in overtime very quickly. When the camera panned across the Montreal bench at the end of the game the team looked defeated.

Do you blame Price for the game 4 loss?

The game tying goal Price let in was a weak one, there is no arguing that. It’s a goal he most definitely wants back. However, he is not to blame for the loss. He is, if not the biggest part of this team, a huge reason why Montreal is even in the position they are in right now. If the team starts to blame him, Montreal might as well just stay home.  This team should still have confidence going into game 5 with Price as their net-minder.

Is Montreal out of this series?

The Canadiens are still very much alive in this series. The Golden Knights have all the pressure on them. If they lose to the lowest seeded team in the playoffs, it’s a massive failure. Many media outlets were even calling for the Knights to sweep the Habs in just 4 games but here we are. Montreal is just two wins away from going to the cup finals, their first since 1993, and they have a very good chance of getting there.