June 21 may bring easing of border restrictions

A picture from Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati twitter page.

On May 28, 2021, Mayor Christian Provenzano’s office was asked to coordinate a meeting between Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Bill Blair, and border city Mayors.

In a conversation with AM800 in Windsor, Windsor Mayor, Drew Dilkens, said the Federal Government didn’t provide an official date, but may consider easing restrictions June 21, pending favourable health indicators. The reason he gave was because a requisite number of Canadians will potentially be vaccinated by that date, according to the intended implementations of the Re-opening plan.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested last month that, before Canada would consider scaling back restrictions, Coronovirus cases would have to remain low and 75% of Canadians would need to be vaccinated.

We reached out to Provenzano for his reaction as to how the meeting went. Here is his full statement.

“The meeting took place on May 28. Minister Blair asked my office to coordinate it and I was glad to do so.  Speaking generally, my takeaway from it was that the federal government would be implementing a staged reopening tied to vaccination rates. I am comfortable with that position but took the opportunity to point out that provincial and national vaccination rates may not reflect the vaccination rates in border communities. Sault Ste. Marie, specifically, has trailed the provincial average because we have not been provided with vaccinations at the same rate as they have been provided to the majority of the province. I suggested to the Minister that the government should be sensitive to that dynamic.

It was clear to me that all participants believed that the government needed to produce a clear, transparent reopening plan so that everyone understood the thresholds that had to be met for the border to reopen and what the stages will look like when it does. I appreciate the Minister reaching out to us, his candour and his engagement.”

No official word has been given as to a plan moving forward, but, the ability to go see friends, family and visit our American neighbours, may just be weeks away.


  1. I heard the US tour boats were ordered to stop coming through the Canadian lock last week.
    If this is the American’s idea of ‘opening the border’, I fear American protectionism is just getting started.

  2. this injection is Not and Has nothing to do about a Person’s Health Indicator. We are not a one, Fits all when it comes to treating sickness from Viruses, We know elderly, frail and those with some already underling health issues are the ones getting seriously ill and have the possibility from dying. The children have near zero risk, they will get Influenza or the Fly, not this covid. Even when the working well age people get too and the children, its been shown that they will have built up immunity that will last years. There are many that have immunity already . There is much that is hidden from the public eye, unless you converse with other people, those including scientists that want these halted. the many deaths you dont hear about, the safe drugs that have been around for years and have saved thousands of peoples lives with out hospitalisations. there are people of all walks, education bringing forth information, data. ask some questions, many have been researching for months now, what the conclusions are pointing to is Lies , Manipulation, stop blindly trusting the tv news, so called authorities . when there are billions to be made by the injection manufactures, big corporations, people that are paid off. Speak the truth, and live freely, not consenting to plan of getting a reward to go visiting , shopping or whatever else you are free to do. , if you do as they say . creating a 2 tier society , making it so the people will be forced into some medical experiment to keep their job, raise their family. Its a dictatorship t making its own rules not following true Data.

  3. Its nice to see some light at the end of the tunnel. If everyone stays smart it will be nice to see people travelling and living life again ! its been so long …..I definitely miss cross border shopping.

  4. Yes there is a virus and it seems to be dwindling with each passing day. If we keep watching CNN CBC etc, the border opening will seem like a long way off. Ron…..

  5. Almost 60% of the Soo population is a pretty good rate of vaccination?
    How are we behind? As of today, almost 58,000 of our population has received their first shot, out of 118,777 in the entire Algoma region with more clinics booked.
    Who should the finger be pointed at if our region is behind in rates? The Mayor? APH?
    Open the border for those who want to join the rest of the world who has started living their lives again!

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