Local Establishment happy to be re-opening


A trip down Second Line will take you to the Esquire Club, owned and operated by Boomer Braido and partners.

Boomer Braido stands on his patio at the Esquire Club on Second Line, June 10, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

With the province lifting restrictions, we caught up with him as he was busy getting his location ready to re-open tomorrow, hopefully for the last time.

“We’re happy and I really think this will be the last time,” said Braido. “I mean, hey, we’re doing good. We’ve always done good, the bar and restaurant scene in Sault Ste. Marie has been exemplary, fantastic.”

He said his location given the restrictions will be able to have about 30 people on the patio. He hopes he will be able to resume “Catch the Ace” in the next week or so. He said the jackpot is creeping up towards $100,000 which is great because in the end it is the local charities that benefit from the sales.

The Esquire will be open, as well as many other businesses with regular hours starting tomorrow when Stage 1 of the provincial re-opening plan comes into effect.


  1. I know three people that quit drinking during this pandemic, congratulations. It’s a bad, expensive habit anyway and terribly unhealthy for you.

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