Local family creates display remembering the 215 children found.

Danielle Moore's children created this display last week, (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

In an effort to bring awareness to the remains of 215 children discovered in Kamloops, BC, Danielle Moore and her children created a massive front yard display.

I spoke with her and asked her a few questions about the effort and why it was important to her, as a member of Batchawana First Nations.

1. Why was it important for your children to do this?

Danielle Moore’s children created this display last week, (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

Moore: The Protestant Church, the Catholic Church and the Canadian government ALL are responsible for these heinous crimes against humanity. And the eradication and obliteration of Indigenous children, families and culture. Which have resulted in the ONGOING degradation and destruction of Indigenous lives, higher rates of intracommunity abuse, substance abuse and suicide. The lives of 215 children [were] just the tip of the ice burg. Since the kids are learning virtually, we decided to use the day by doing this project to honour the children that were found. We would normally attend a vigil or ceremony, but with COVID restrictions we had to get creative. We seen a version on tik tok of a project like this and got inspired. We wanted to do more than just leave shoes at Shinguwak, which we did. We hoped that people who would drive by the house would take a moment to remember the many little lives lost, and we would provoke some thought. 

2. What do you hope the children learn from this experience?

Danielle Moore’s children created this display last week, (Danille Moore)

Moore: We had to individually paint and seal and staple and hammer in each heart into the ground one by one, it really gave Nashoba, Niyana and Nova-Anne a heart wrenching perspective of how many children’s bodies were found. They were in disbelief. It was very quiet as we worked, and the mood was very somber. The finished product produced a lot of tears especially from my older kids. 

3. How proud are you of them?

Danielle Moore’s children created this display last week, (Danille Moore)

Moore: I’m super proud of my kids, they’re my life extension. They committed to the project and they followed all the way through until the end. I’m also a sixities scoop survivor, and it’s important that my children learn their indigenous culture, as I am. They’re reclaiming their indigenous identity and I couldn’t be more humbled by watching them grow and learn, and take a stance and be a voice.

Moore was hoping to create some awareness when people drove by the property on McAllen Street. She would also like to thank Colour Your World for donating the supplies for this project.

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