Mayor Provenzano explains city spending priorities


During our post-council interview with Mayor Provenzano, we asked him about why the city is allocating funds to new arenas, downtown plaza’s etc., when it is apparent that a significant portion of the population appear critical of this type of spending and these projects, in particular.

“When you look at development of your community, and you know, when you look at kind of caring for [and] providing for the people that live in your community, and also trying to position yourself as an attractive community to come to, you need to have these types of facilities available.” said Provenzano. “Not only do you need to have the functions available, like swimming, and soccer, and hockey, and walking, but you need to have them available in nice, newer facilities.”

He also made note that our population is getting older and we need to attract new people to our city.

“As a municipality, it’s pretty competitive, were you’re competing with other communities to attract people to live in your community. And we’ve seen, with our community, we have an older demographic.  It’s pretty consistent with a lot of the demographics in Northern Ontario,” said Provenzano. “We need a lot of people to either immigrate here, or migrate here, or move here from other places in the country and Ontario to maintain our current population levels and to maintain our current economic activity.”

Other key quotes from the interview –

  • “And I think to do that, you need to develop a community that has attractive features and feels vital and it feels like it’s reinvested in.”
  • “If you actually compare the city with either our northern Ontario competitors or competitors in other parts of the province, that are similar communities, of similar size, we really stay in our wheelhouse. We don’t have a lot of recreational activities or operations that are outside of our wheelhouse.
  • “To those things that we are doing, my belief is we should do them. Well, we should do them properly.

The full section of this interview can be seen by clicking the YouTube link above. Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to break down responses to questions we asked during our post-meeting interview with the mayor.


  1. Nothing like passing the buck on a full treatment addictions center. The city may not cover the operating expenses, but they should be lobbying a LOT HARDER FOR IT.

    I agree the McMeekan center needs to be replaced. They could have modified the plans to build a single surface like what is already there, with provisions made for expansion in the future.

    The downtown plaza should have been put on hold until other issues are dealt with in that area, like the higher crime rates for example. Just look at some of the recent crime occurrences in the downtown area compared to other areas of the city…

  2. The Mayor especially and many councilors don’t care that the majority of taxpayers “DON’T” want 8 million dollars spent on a mall plaza. That is why we have private enterprises that invest their own monies. But, no, we have a council like Trudeau’s Liberals that thinks taxpayers monies grow on trees and will always bear the fruit taxpayers put on the trees

  3. The name’s Lanley, Lyle Lanley. And I come before you good people tonight with an idea. Probably the greatest—Aw, it’s not for you. It’s more a Shelbyville idea.

  4. Or city council and downtown association can let better shopping venues come to our city…creates jobs and less money leaving the community for online shopping (when we aren’t shutdown from covid). Many northern cities have much more to offer on the way of clothing for children and aldilts as well as toy stores like Toys r us. We literally have carter’s, children’s place, walmart and winners for kids clothing other than 2nd hand shops. Adult shopping isn’t much better. We do not need anymore restaurants or fast food places. We have plenty of ice arenas and skating in the winter…enough indoor and outdoor soccer facilities…nature is abound in our community and area for the outdoor enthusiasts. We do not need a new plaza in our city offering things that are already available at other venues and besides who will feel safe enough to go to an outdoor show or concert with the addicts and drug dealers taking people out in broad daylight. How bout bringing back thinks for people to do like the drive ins and miniputt…trampoline park SOMETHING that our kids can do to keep them from falling into the drug culture, theft, vandalism…i am honestly scared for my 8 year old….

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