Mayor Provezano addresses Jamestown Issues (Video included)


In a one on one interview with SaultOnline which will be aired Monday at 1 p.m. on ONNTV, Mayor Christian Provenzano addressed a significant concern in the community.

We asked him, outside of the new park and other city investments, what else is being done, particularly, about the crime in Jamestown.

“I talk to the Chief [of Police], probably more regularly than most mayor’s talk to chiefs, even though they probably do it regularly.  He and I have a pretty open line of communication, and we’re on the phone quite frequently. I [also] sit on the Police Service board and I have for six years, so I’m familiar with the operation of police services,” said Provenzano.

He noted that if we (SaultOnline) talked to the Police Chief, as we have in the past, he would advise that it’s as much a healthcare issue as it is crime.

“People need care. People need health care. The Service has done a really good job over the last number of years of taking drugs off the streets. I’m not going to talk about the size of the bust, or what they’re doing there.  I’m going to leave that to the Chief.”

As he did at council and before giving the above answer, he wanted to make sure the public understood that he appreciated everything the police have done.

“Let me just recognize… how much work and demand there has been on Police Services recently, and how hard the Services have been working to keep the community safe. It’s not an easy job, that is not an easy job. And it’s a job has become more difficult with time and has become more acute, recently.”

Some other quotes of note throughout the answer.

  • “The chief has worked hard and is focusing on the criminal element of the drug trade in interfering with that, and making arrests and disturbing that.”
  • “A big part of the demand [on] the Police Services are social disturbance calls. I think there’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% of the calls. And a lot of those calls relate to addictions and mental health issues.”
  • “Officers will often get tied up when they’re on a call, especially if it’s a more acute call.  The more acute calls get more officers tied up in them for a longer period of time, which leaves less officers to be present to to respond to other calls.”

The interview with Provenzano can be seen, in its entirety, in the featured video, attached to this article.

Stay with SaultOnline as we break down a few of the other questions from our post-council interview.


  1. Votes for what, Ram Guy? He is not running again and is glad he doesn’t have to worry about the colossal mess that the city is in. He is just dog paddling his way to the finish and will be more than happy to shed the burden onto someone else.

  2. This is a a joke. The police are prioritising things wrong. Recently a friend who unfortunately lives in a high crime area had criminals rooting through her stuff , she called the police to have them removed so she could take her dog out, the response – wait until they leave.

    Another incident she had very recently was a phone stolen off her porch. She had video footage of the thieves, used locate to find her phone to its exact location, the police response to it – we are too busy to follow up with it. Reason for being busy – handing out fines to a biker funeral who werent bothering anyone, cause thats a total menace to deal with right?

  3. I would like Dan to ask the Mayor/Police Chief about the drug trade. Firstly, what are they doing to shut down the drug houses and stolen goods fences. How much stolen property is leaving the City because there does not appear to be a proactive strategy to interdict the flow.
    Secondly, a recent FB posting by a downtown business owner described the frustration of constantly watching criminal activity in the downtown decrying the lack of police patrols that were promised. Has downtown policing increased visibly?
    My wife and I have witnessed the screaming addicts running down Queen St. during visits to our Chiropractor. No police to be seen.
    The Mayor may want to consider having twice-weekly noon and late evening downtown strolls with his key staff to become better acquainted with his city centre constituents.

  4. I thought the question was about Jamestown not covid!!!! Sounds like we need more police services, some for serious calls and some for less serious calls. My son lives in Jamestown and the things he sees are quite disturbing, most he wont even tell me!!! And they want to put a park there omg

  5. That was a lot of nothing. I recognize that police need to triage calls to the more serious crimes. Upon being robbed in the middle of the night and threatened with a weapon in my home during the process I called the police. They arrived within the hour however asked if I wanted to file a report. “Of course I want to file a report, I woke up with a guy beside my bed threatening to murder me.” A report was filed however when asked if they would take fingerprints of a TV that had been carried from the living room to the entrance which was left behind I was told that they only do this with more serious crimes. In that respect, someone who enters your home, wakes you and threatens to kill you isn’t serious in Sault Ste. Marie standards. Time for a whole new city council including the mayor and ward councilor Lisa Venzeau who advised the public that data on crime should be withheld as people aren’t competent enough to understand it and that data would only serve to create fear. Although I don’t support her position, I give her kudos for being honest in stating that the data would generate fear.

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