New residents offered an incentive to move and work here


A ski pass, a canoe, running or biking equipment, these are just some of the choices offered to new residents who move to the Sault through the City’s unique Adventure Pass initiative.

As part of the ongoing ‘Welcome to Sault Ste. Marie’ campaign, the Adventure Pass will be available to new residents who relocate to Sault Ste. Marie. The pass options highlight the incredible amenities and quality of life available to residents. Newcomers can discover exciting attractions and activities in and around the City.

The Adventure Pass contributes towards an outdoors adventure activity or equipment of the new resident’s choice. This may include:

•      A cross-country ski pass

•      A snowmobile pass

•      A downhill ski pass at Searchmont

•      Cycling equipment from a Sault Ste. Marie bike store

•      Hiking, running or camping equipment from a Sault Ste. Marie store

•      A days’ guided fishing

•      A biking or canoe tour

One pass per household is available to new residents who have moved to Sault Ste. Marie after June 1, 2021 for full time work. The value of the pass will vary based on the option chosen but in most cases, it will be around $500. To apply for the pass and view the eligibility criteria, visit

“Sault Ste. Marie is a premier destination for outdoor adventure tourism, and the adventure pass is a great way to encourage people to see what we have to offer,” said Mayor Christian Provenzano. “The City remains committed to furthering development of our outdoor attractions and related infrastructure from cycling trails to our marinas, and we will continue to find new ways to promote our community.”

Tom Vair, Deputy CAO, Community Development and Enterprise Services states, “Following the recommendations and success of the Future Sault Ste. Marie project, we are turning our attention to vigorously promoting our City. We are open for business, we have job opportunities and welcome new residents to join our community. This Adventure Pass is a way to highlight the first class outdoor adventures right on our doorstep.”

In recent months, Sault Ste. Marie has seen a number of families move to the City because of the opportunities and the outdoor adventure lifestyle the area has to offer.

“Sault Ste Marie is quickly becoming a destination for an adventurous lifestyle,” said Travis Anderson, Director of Tourism and Community Development responsible for overseeing this initiative. “With new investments in our mountain bike trail system, kayak docks and more, our reputation as a destination for adventure seekers will only increase”.

To learn more about the Adventure Pass and other exciting community developments visit


  1. For the 30,000 people already living here & currently ‘at risk’ of becoming homeless.. grab your tents, burn barrels & sleeping bags, pitch them & meet me on the steps of City Hall. 15.yrs of lip-service & our bubble-headed council members exploiting our community’s most vulnerable populations.. #EnoughIsEnough

    • Because negative comments is what’s causing all the drugs, crime, lack of jobs, lack of forward thinking, cronyism, etc..

      • The best cure for lack of jobs, lack of forward thinking and cronyism is some new blood and new ideas, don’t you think ?

        Drugs are an issue because we don’t (didn’t) have treatment facilities. Crime is an issue because of the drugs.

        • “Crime is an issue because of the drugs”
          No, that’s just one factor. Idleness, mental illness, lack of jobs, lack of resources, lack of activities, lack of community policing, lack of an effective or adaptive police model, etc.
          What brings the drugs? Lack of resources, lack of activities, mental illness, proximity to the border, corruption.
          “new blood and new ideas”
          Anyone I’ve known who moved here for a good position (such as the hospital) has been prevented from implementing any change due to the old guard and the Soo’s fear of change – many left and moved back, fed up.

  2. With such huge incentives there will be trainloads of people moving here. Wait, there is no train.
    Pathetic to say the least.

    If this is the best they can offer, no one in their right mind would ever consider this as an option

  3. More people = bigger economy. If the economy shrinks, those kids aren’t sticking around regardless of how cheap the houses are. You know what happens when property values go the other way and population shrinks… boarded up houses. See Elliot Lake after directly after the mining bust.

    • And a coupon will incent people to move to such a removed place with so many challenges?
      Making the city a clean, friendly place with lower pollution, lower crime, lower drugs, better infrastructure, better jobs, more jobs and less backwards thinking would do it.
      The idea that coupons will attract people is laughable.

  4. Great way to kill the dreams of our children and grandchildren as far as ever being able to afford to buy a home in the city that they were raised in.

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