Ontario may move into Step 2 of reopening plan earlier than planned: Ford


TORONTO — Premier Doug Ford says his government may move Ontario into the second phase of its reopening plan earlier than scheduled.

Ford says an announcement will come “very shortly,” following discussions with the province’s top doctor.

Pandemic restrictions on businesses, gatherings and outdoor activities are currently set to roll back further on July 2.

But the province has already met its COVID-19 vaccination targets for entering that stage of the plan.

Services like haircuts can resume under the next stage, which will also see limits on gatherings and retail shopping rolled back further.

The province has said its tiered reopening plan will move ahead based on vaccination rates and other public health indicators.


  1. I rather stay closed an extra week, cross all t’s and dot all i’s avoiding the frustration of opening now and have to shut down due to a fourth wave.
    I believe, at this point we all know of a case or two of dead people due to the virus, mostly when we have a permeable border with the new variants that are popping up all over the world.
    I have tenants and I understand that they can’t work, then I will not collect the rent and I’ll stick with them because we had a many years relationship and I believe we all have to contribute something.

  2. Come on Doug… it’s time to quit stalling and help our small businesses survive…OPEN IT ALL UP TODAY.

  3. every other province is opening why are we waiting for Doug Ford 🤔. our province has the highest population and almost the lowest count of cases. let our businesses survive since his slogan is open for business

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