Personal Trainer competes for cover of National Fitness Magazine, promotes local businesses, post-COVID-19


Chris Muncaster is a Personal Trainer, and well-rounded entrepreneur.  He has helped countless people restore balance to their bodies, while also promoting accountability for personal choices.  Choices and measures that he also applies to himself, and uses to motivate his clients.  As one who has had to overcome significant challenges in his life, he uses his experience to reinforce his drive to succeed.

His clients, representing a broad demographic, speak very highly of his support and expertise.  One of his clients, a 48-year old woman, credits her current level of fitness and overall positive outlook on life, to his coaching.

“Chris has been instrumental in me being able to turn my life around and make the changes I needed to, to ensure that I could be a healthier, happier version of me.  He is supportive, and skilled at making you take responsibility for the choices you have made, and this helped me to make so many better choices moving forward.” said the woman.

Not just skilled at coaching, personal training and nutritional counselling, he holds himself to a high standard and is constantly striving to always push himself to the next level.  His next challenge is to earn a new title through becoming the cover model for a popular health and fitness magazine.  To do this, he will need assistance that can only come through individual support.

He is seeking the community’s assistance as he tries to win the title of “Mr. Health and Fitness” in a competition being hosted by Muscle and Fitness magazine.  His participation in this competition, an online contest in which votes are cast and ultimately determine the winner, is not only about him and his daughter.  He is using this competition and encouraging people to vote for him by supporting local businesses who have been hard hit by the pandemic.  He has purchased gift certificates from local businesses as give-aways to those who vote, and through this, ensuring that he is doing his part to help the community recover.

The voting process is simple.  You can vote in this first round, free of charge, every 24 hours up until Thursday, June 24th.  To register your vote, click here