Police Bicycle Unit to start patrols

Sault Ste. Marie Police Services

As part of our downtown enforcement strategy you will notice officers in the downtown core on bicycles. The Bicycle Unit will be patrolling the downtown core on a regular basis.

The Station Mall office will be used as the home base for the Bicycle Unit. This will allow officers direct access to the downtown core. The officers will be easily seen while on bike patrol as they will be wearing high visibility equipment. The Bicycle Unit will conduct patrols, as well as be ready to answer calls for service.

Bicycles are effective in an urban setting like our downtown. Officers on bicycles can access various areas of the urban environment and maneuver more quickly and efficiently than a police cruiser can in tight spaces around the downtown.

Another benefit is the ability for officers to more easily engage with people in the community when patrolling on bicycles. Cycling the downtown core will allow officers a greater opportunity to meet and talk with many of the people we serve.