Polls show public opposed to move of terminal


On tonight’s council meeting agenda is the proposed move of the bus terminal, and it appears the public is against it.

In two separate polls run by online news organizations in the Sault, both show that the public does not support the move.

The poll offered by SaultOnline shows over 67% of all voters don’t want the bus terminal to move.  In another poll by an alternative online media organization, they found that 55% of their voters didn’t want to see it moved.

These polls add to the growing list of businesses and individuals against the move.

Michael Nanne provided two full pages of people and businesses who are opposed to the move of the terminal. Notable names include, Soo Greyhounds, SK Group, Joe’s Sports, Queens Tarts and Salvation Army. The full list can be seen below.

Add to those voices former Mayor Joe Fratesi, The Canal District, N1 solutions and the question now becomes, is council willing to go against the people? and why?

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  1. The citizens of Sault Ste. Marie are eagerly waiting to vote in a new mayor and councilors for every ward, the mayor and the current councilors have proven that they are not worthy of the job. They all do what Mayor Pumpinkinhead wants instead of listening to their constituents and doing what the majority want.

  2. The DICTATORSHIP of our city council will get WHATEVER THEY want and do not listen to the people who pay them.
    Look at our “so called logo” THEY didn’t listen there…or the Studio 10 FIASCO ( btw..does anyone know how much the city..”US”..Paid for all the properties downtown to make room for this park)…AGAIN..THEY didn’t listen!
    Rest assured, when it comes to moving the bus terminal THEY WONT LISTEN there either!
    Take ALL the monies set aside for this…that joke of an idea putting a rink etc downtown and use that money to HIRE MORE POLICE…I for one wouldn’t have a problem with that.
    Just my opinion.

  3. If the city goes with their usual ways, I’d be almost willing to bet that they’ll go thru with the relocation because they want to and public opinion be damned.

  4. City wants to move the bus terminal why?. Their 300 k + in repairs is pretty exaggerated. Doesnt cost 300 k to put a new roof on and fix some leaky pipes. In other words make it sound like it costs a lot so you can move it. If they move that terminal then downtown is really dead. No one wants to take a bus to huron street where it is more dangerous at night then queen st. Another back door deal with this council? Sounds like it to me.

    When is election day again?

  5. People In Sault Ste Marie ON Canada like the Residents and store owners and few other places it would like you all sit back and think takes all the crime from down town so ppl need to sit back and think about it bc there to many crimes in this dam town and ppl need to grow up and stand up for themselfs and let them move the dam bus ternimal up on Huron street i am serious there to many crimes

  6. I would Like to see the Bus Terminal moved down on Queen Street BC they need a big building and sittings and restaurants and timmies while ppl wait for the bus Need more high class security it would be alot easier for the bus going to there disnation

  7. Not that this makes much difference to the world, but if Fratesi ran for Mayor he would get in a majority, no matter what went on before… He wasn’t afraid too stand up and be counted, and we wouldn’t have paid a half million for a useless piece of property ’cause his wife didn’t like what they did there…

      • Good one John. That was a magistral gambit from Joe. And I’m sure till today there are many that couldn’t understand what was going on and how they lost in such a big way.

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