Rapid Antigen Screening Kits now available to Sault Ste. Marie Small Businesses


The Algoma Vaccination Support Council (AVSC) is pleased to announce that it will begin distributing Rapid Antigen Screening Kits for small businesses with less than 150 employees starting on Monday, June 21st.

“The screening kits are being provided by the federal and provincial governments complimentary to small- and medium-sized businesses as an additional tool to help keep workplaces in Ontario safe,” says Rory Ring, CEO of the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce. “The distribution of kits in Ontario is being spearheaded by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Ontario’s Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade network. Here in the Sault, we are launching the program under the banner of our Algoma Vaccination Support Council, which was started by our Chamber, the STRIVE Young Professionals Group, and more than 40 local businesses and agencies.”

A COVID-19 rapid screening test can be performed anywhere (e.g., on-site or at the place of employment) and does not require shipping a specimen to a lab for processing. It takes approximately 15 minutes to yield a result.

Kits are available for order on the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce website at www.ssmcoc.com/rapid-antigen-screening-kits. Prior to ordering, businesses will be required to designate a Screening Supervisor who will be responsible for ordering kits, managing the business’s screening efforts, and reporting results. The Screening Supervisor will be required to familiarize themselves with the overall screening process and watch a training video on how to administer the tests.

Businesses will be required to schedule a time for pick-up when they order their screening kits online. Kits will be available for pickup at the GFL Memorial Gardens on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 10:00am to 4:00pm. When picking up, drivers are asked to pull up to the curb in front of the player’s entrance (south-west side of the building), ensure that they are wearing a mask and not exit the vehicle. Volunteers will confirm the order and bring the kits to the vehicle.

To help with the distribution of the kits and promotion of the program, the AVSC has partnered with the City of Sault Ste. Marie and the Soo Greyhounds Hockey Club.

“The Soo Greyhounds organization is pleased to be a partner and support this initiative announced by AVSC today.  Over the past fifteen months, our community (businesses and residents alike) have been tremendous in the manner in which they have handled these unusual times, and we are proud to show our support in any manner we can. This is another positive step towards returning to all of the things that residents of the Soo know and love,” adds Tim Lukenda, President of the Soo Greyhounds Hockey Club.

The latest information from Health Canada suggests that up to one-third of people carrying the virus are asymptomatic causing little or no noticeable signs, however, over 50% of known cases were transmitted by an asymptomatic carrier. This makes it incredibly important to find asymptomatic carriers in order to combat the spread and get to more normalized community life. Rapid Antigen Screening by businesses, and in workplaces, is a key part of that equation.

“As the Province continues to progress through Step 1 of reopening, we must continue to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and support the safe reopening of local businesses. The addition of Rapid Antigen Screening Kits for small businesses allows workplaces in our community to proactively identify cases of COVID-19 that may have otherwise been missed, contributing to employee safety and the safety of our community,” says Sault Ste. Marie Mayor, Christian Provenzano.

Click HERE to get started with your Rapid Antigen Screening Kit order.


  1. Would these be the same ‘rapid antigen tests’ recently pulled as part of a class 1 recall by the FDA.. in case & for those not paying attention, a ‘class-1’ recall indicates there may be a huge public health concern & or ‘death’ associated with the recalled products.

    Too many people out there willing to continue playing the ‘covid-game’ with absolutely no concern what so ever for our safety or the well-being of their own children.. just sayin’.

    Strange daze indeed..

  2. Actually TOM its believed that only 24% of people testing positive are asymptomatic..and the test swab is NOT a reproduction it has actual covid enzymes..they are apparently not contagious..you have to open the swab and mix it with solution then drop the mixture on the test where you will see what a positive reading looks like..I watched the video..

  3. This is the dumbest thing have heard yet..we just watched the training video..the kit ACTUALLY comes with a positive test swab so you can compare results! WTF?! in the disclaimer it says this test is not for people that have symptoms again WTF?! THEN WHATS THE POINT..

    • If you’re looking for any logic throughout the covid storyline then you’ll be looking for quite a while. Happenings throughout this pandemic have been counter-intuitive, confusing, far from transparent and often very illogical.

    • It’s actually very logical.

      If you have symptoms, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE !

      Tests are to detect asymptomatic people (who are responsible for 50% of cases).

      The “positive test swab” is actually a reproduction of what a positive test would look like.

      • Except the rapid antigen test has proven unreliable and inaccurate.
        The most recent review study conducted by the Vermont Dept of Health found that the results they reviewed compared to re-testing using PCR testing showed the rapid antigen testing in that sample was 6% accurate.
        Then again the PCR test is a false positive rate as high as 50% which is actually a sliding scale since the cycle count is continuously shifted making that efficacy rate difficult to accurately ascertain.

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