Sault Ticket Wins $134,170 In Friday’s Draw!

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LOTTO MAX is in uncharted territory! It’s been eight weeks since the last jackpot was won, making this the longest jackpot “roll” in LOTTO MAX history!  We realize every LOTTO MAX ticket holder wants to win the massive $70 million jackpot and we anxiously wait for a big jackpot winner as well, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been plenty of winners. Hundreds of life-changing lottery wins have happened since this streak started on April 27, 2021 – many of them in Ontario!

Thirty-three (33) of the 70 MAXMILLIONS offered in last night’s (June 18, 2021) draw were won or shared across Canada, and 15 of the winning tickets were from Ontario:

Huron County  – $1 million
Huron County  – $1 million
Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County – $1 million
Simcoe County – $1 million
Chatham- Kent – $1 million
Kitchener – $1 million
Mississauga – $1 million
Toronto – $1 million
North York – $1 million
MAXMILLIONS prizes shared with another ticket:

Halton – $500,000
Norfolk County – $500,000
Perth County – $500,000
Brampton – $500,000
Burlington – $500,000
Toronto – $500,000
Seven (7) LOTTO MAX second-prize winning tickets worth $134,170.00 each were also sold across Canada with four (4) sold in Ontario:

Sault Ste. Marie
Norfolk County
And there were six (6) major ENCORE prizes won worth $100,000 each:

Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County
Northumberland County
Niagara area
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Since its launch in September 2009, Ontario LOTTO MAX players have won over $6 billion, including 84 jackpot wins and 692 MAXMILLIONS prizes, across the province.