STOP – drivers ignoring stop signs around the city

The stop sign at Carlbert and Simon with new signs nearby, June 3, 2021 (Dan Gray/

Over the past few weeks with the nicer weather, SaultOnline has received reports which have led to our reporters noticing a disturbing trend… stop signs being ignored.

Jen Blair’s six-year-old daughter holds up her sign pleading with drivers in the area to stop. ( courtesy Jen Blair )

Whether it’s Third Line and Peoples Road, down by St. Basil’s, the corner of Albert and Gore or most recently Simon Avenue and Carlbert Street, some people are getting frustrated.

In a Facebook post, east-end resident Jen Blair showed a picture of her six-year-old daughter standing on a picnic table, holding a sign which read “Stop at the stop sign,” towards drivers who transit east-west on Simon.

Jen says, she’s even had people stop after blowing the sign.


Jen Blair’s six-year-old daughter holds up her sign pleading with drivers in the area to stop. ( courtesy Jen Blair )

“People in our neighborhood think it’s okay to repeatedly blow through the stop sign. The crossover street is a straight of way, No stop or yield,” said Blair in her post. “I’ve witnessed numbers of incidents here. I even had a guy circle back and park outside my house yesterday after blowing through at a high speed, almost hitting someone. So I yelled out. Stop!! Thankfully no one has died, yet.”

SaultOnline was invited to spend some time this afternoon near this intersection and within approximately 25 minutes we observed 7 out of 11 vehicles which failed to come to a complete stop. Two of those vehicles didn’t even attempt to stop.

One of the commenters on her post said it seems to be a big issue.

“This is a very serious problem in Sault Ste. Marie. I believe it’s due to lack of visible enforcement. I have lived here for 29 years and have seen people be ticketed only a handful of times.”

Just this morning, signs arrived at the intersection saying, “Children at Play” which are visible from all angles of the intersection.

If you have a community issue you feel needs city-wide attention, feel free to reach out to our newsroom at [email protected].


  1. Take an officer on light duty. Sit them on a lawn chair at an intersection with a camera pointed directly at motorists. Deliver tickets to those who don’t stop. Use the video proof if the ticket is contested.

  2. There seems to be a new approach to a stop sign…TAKE A QUICK LOOK AND GO LIKE HELL. I have seen divers failing to stop even when a car is so close that the car driver had to break for the offender.
    I guess it’s all part of the ME SOCIETY… it’s ME that counts. Whats is the big rush? You can cross from one side of this little city to the other in under 20 minutes. Slow down and enjoy the scenery.

  3. I would like to know where the police are. At one time there seemed to be a lot more police patrolling than there are now. So question. How many officers are there on the city police force? Of those how many are on special duty? We need more officers on patrol. I know 30 years ago when my father was a police officer they had two patrol cars for each division. I believe each division was the same as a voting ward. That was 24 hours. A couple of years ago when I called in about an incident at three in the morning it was to find that were only a couple of patrol cars on the road for the whole city. We don’t need all these officers on special assignment, we need them on the street.

  4. Not only vehicles , bikes and scooters fail to stop, and also don’t stop at a red light.
    Most recent a friend of mine was in an accident at corner Bruce & Pim , she had the green light and a driver on Pim that had the red light failed to stop sailed right through and hit her car.

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