Updated – Sudden Death Investigation ongoing

sault police

A situation we have been made aware of, has police confirming they are currently investigating.

Multiple people have reached out to us to claim at least two individuals in this city have passed away due to marijuana which is mixed with other drugs.

After our original post, we were informed by someone close to one of these situations that Xanax tainted with Fentanyl is also circulating in the community.

We reached out to Sault Police Services for comment and were provided this statement from Manager of Communications Lincoln Louttit.

“I can confirm that we are currently investigating a sudden death that occurred in a residence in the 700 block of Wellington Street East yesterday,” said Louttit. “We do investigate deaths that occur outside of a medical facility or a long term care home. However, are not the experts in determining a cause of death in relation to potential overdoses. We submit a request to the Coroner’s officer for a toxicology report and those take months before we have a determination from their office. Until we receive the toxicology report we are unable to confirm a cause of death.”

SaultOnline encourages you to reach out to Sault Police Services or Crime Stoppers if you have any information in regards to these deaths.

We reached out to Connie Raynor-Elliott of Saving Our Young Adults from Perscription drugs in regards to this situation. She has this message for readers.

“If you are using illegal drugs, don’t use alone, check them with a testing kit and always have Narcan available,” said Raynor-Elliott.

SaultOnline along with our sources want you to be careful if you are consuming illegal drugs and check them carefully for tampering or other substances.

Our condolences to the families affected by these tragic situations.


  1. Mr. Mayor.
    You need open your eyes to what is happening in our community! Too many people are dying. Many of them young adults. When would you work towards finding some solutions for this worsening issue? How many 14-15 (and even younger) years old need to die from overdose before you will see our community (the one your represent) needs help? Would it take one of your own family members (or your child) to be a victim of this crisis before you actually do something?

  2. People are dropping like flies from drug overdoses daily and the city still wants to squander 8.5 million on a needless downtown plaza. There are dozens of more important issues to be addressed and the current crew just doesn’t get it.
    When is the next election?

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