the Sault’s favourite Vegan spot is re-opening soon…


Veganites of the Sault, wait no longer… your favourite vegan spot in town is re-opening!

What used to be Vibe restaurant, on 112 March Street, is re-opening under the ownership of long-time head chef, Luke Couturier, under the new name, “Plant 2 Plate.”

Luke had been working as head-chef at Vibe for four years, creating a diverse vegan and gluten-free menu for the community of Sault Ste. Marie.  Luke Couturier and his husband Dan are now working to re-open Vibe under their ownership as Plant 2 Plate.

Luke has worked in dozens of high-end restaurants and butcher shops, gaining his red-seal through his years in the kitchen.  Cooking vegan fare has been Luke’s latest muse, “it’s something fun and different that sparked my interest.  You get to experiment and try to get as close as you can to a meat flavour, without using meat.  Showing off that vegan food isn’t boring,”

The new menu pushes the limits of what people consider vegan food to look like, bringing “naughty” and “nice” options.

Luke and Dan have been working on creating a sustainable urban homestead in their backyard, located less than a kilometre away from Plant 2 Plate.  All sorts of fruits and vegetables have been organically grown from heirloom seeds, and nurtured by the pair to create a flowing and flourishing urban farm that will fuel most of the restaurant’s needs.

Produce will be harvested on a daily basis and brought to the restaurant, literally bringing the customer plant to plate.

Plant 2 Plate is aiming for July 5th as their opening date, stay tuned to their social media for updates!