Withdrawal Management Centre location revealed

The building in which we have been told the new treatment centre will be housed, June 16, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

SaultOnline has learned the location of the 20-bed *withdrawal management centre, to be brought to Sault Ste. Marie.

The Centre, according to a previous announcement will host, a 20-bed treatment facility. The operational funding has already been secured for the facility.

Multiple sources inside the addictions and mental health community have unofficially confirmed that the facility will be housed inside the old Sault Star building on Old Garden River Road.

We have reached out to Ross Romano’s office, they have declined to confirm or deny the location until the announcement is made in an official capacity.

The official announcement is set to happen in the near future.

SaultOnline will bring you the official announcement when it is made.

*** a previous version of this story and the headline, referred to a treatment centre, we have been corrected by a member of the public who has knowledge of the situation. 


  1. 👏 Awesome, but 20 beds… not even close to enough… I mean it’s better then nothing but we’re going to need way more to help the sick here!!

  2. Ha ha… to good to be true.
    Ain’t gonna happen, at least in that corner of the world. They’re tasting the waters and looks like a large place next to the old prison could be the pick.

  3. Couldn’t be a better location.
    Prime land all around.
    In line with the Detention Center, the Police Station and just a stone throw away from the Hospital.

  4. Definitely not a great location. There’s a high school right down the street!!? What is city council thinking!! Kids are constantly walking past this area!

  5. This is a crock>How much money is Romano making from his buddies to put it here.The Ontario gov. already has a building on the corner of second line and Goulais ave not being used.Why can’t it be used instead of paying The DeTommaso family money.And most likely to a long term lease.Maybe some one should check into this deal.

  6. That’s all well and good if this is the case but it’s five years too late and the capacity needs to be 5X larger. Sault Ste. Marie is always years behind and under does everything.
    It’s time for a new mayor and complete city council, these ones have had more than a fair chance to do things properly and sufficiently and still failed miserably, and continue to do so to this day.

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