705 Sports Expansion Draft Preview


Well, it’s Friday and that means it’s time for your weekly sports updates! Welcome back to another episode of 705 Sports. We have a very action-packed show, so full we went longer than 30 minutes!

In the first segment, Colette and I bring an update on the CFL and where you can go watch them live! We remind everyone about our bet for the CFL season. We switch gears from the CFL to the NHL and discuss the expansion draft and where the teams from the North are at. We start with the Leafs and the Canadiens.

In the second segment, we jump back into the NHL expansion draft talking about the Winnipeg Jets. After that, Colette brings us all the local sports updates with the Thunderbirds and the Greyhounds!

In the third and final segment, We finish off the rest of the Canadian team’s Oilers, Flames, Senators, and Canucks plus, Colette updates us on what’s going on in the world of UFC!

Thanks again for watching everyone! Stay tuned as next week I will be giving you my picks for the N.H.L expansion draft for the Seattle Krakens. Have a great weekend!