705 Sports, N.H.L Free Agent Recap and CFL Season Preview


Well, it’s Friday and we all know that means it’s time for 705 Sports! Dan joined me at the desk and as always the half-hour just flew by. We start the show off with our weekly poll question which is, Do you feel the Vegas Golden Knights did Marc- André Fleury dirty? Please leave your answers in the comments!

In the first segment, Dan and I break down what happened with former Golden Knights goaltender Marc-André Fleury. Fleury’s side of the story and the Golden Knights story is very different, and something just doesn’t add up. We also go over some of the biggest moves in the N.H.L free agencies in the first 24 hrs. To close off the segment Dan brings up some interesting points towards ticketing pricing at sporting events in Canada.

In the second segment, Dan and I start our C.F.L season preview. Dan and I both are very happy to see the C.F.L will be getting back on the field. In this preview, we go over key players for all of the C.F.L teams. We also remind the viewers what the teams were like back in 2019 which was the last time the C.F.L had a season.

In the third and final segment, Dan and I break down the rest of the C.F.L teams in our season preview. We then move back to the ice and speak about where the Leafs sit right now. We take a look at their roster to see who could replace Hyman on the top line. Last but not least we talk about the Leaf’s goaltending situation.


Thanks again everyone for watching the newest episode of 705 Sports! Have a great and safe weekend.