Almost two dozen resolutions remain unfinished at city hall


Occasionally, one of the consent agenda items which comes before council contains a list of things City Hall staff have yet to finish.

In this case the number of resolutions passed, sometimes by previous councils, for which the reports haven’t come back exceeds three dozen.

Off road vehicles, snow dumps, a downtown trolley and warming shelters still remain on the list from various councils in past years. Updates are provided on some, while others just sit with no real end in sight.

Councillor Cory Gardi asked what the plan is going forward with some of the proposals.

“You know, some of them are four or five years old and I was just wondering if we wanted to go about cleaning this up a bit, how would we go about striking some of the older ones?,” asked Gardi.

Chief Administrative Officer Malcolm White said this is a topic of discussion among staff too, and an account on how to remove some of the requested reports is coming to council soon.

“Between now and the next time the list would come forward to you, a listing of some resolutions that we think could be removed and the rationale why, will be a report for council to approve,” said White. “That will have the effect of taking them off.”

Since this report comes to council between 2-4 times a year, we can expect the resolution to remove some of the work, to be in front of council sometime this fall.

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