Behind the story – how I found data for crime story


Many people have written in, Facebook messaged, called, and left comments over the weekend, wondering how we determined, based on MacLean’s rankings, that Sault Ste. Marie was rated the fifth worst for crime in Ontario.

I was accused of a lot of things and it reminded me of a lesson I sometimes forget; in some cases it’s best to show your work.

I have added a video, showing what I had to do to get to the number at the top of this article. To get the 74th in Canada, just do the same thing but turn off the Ontario button.

Below, is the full list from best to worst of cities in Ontario for Crime. This is what I get when I complete the steps in the video above.

I have also been asked why I chose to write this story… we know it’s bad, why keep hitting us over the head with it.

Simply put, when I moved to this beautiful city almost a year ago now, I searched all our local news sites, not national sites, for what the city was like.

The sites all showed great stories about how wonderful a place like this is to live, things you can do, city marketing etc., I was unaware of the turmoil that lives, just beneath the surface.

Since that time, I have done articles on the problems, deaths because of issues and some solutions.

My apologies to the reader/viewer if it was difficult for them to follow my path as to how I got to the results I did, and I hope that this article explains it a bit further.