Beloved dog survives 12 days in Northern Ontario wild

Charlie can be seen crashing in a tent after being found earlier this week, he spent a couple of days just sleeping - photo provided by Joseph Onotsky

In what can only be considered a small miracle, the story we brought you a couple of weeks ago has ended on a positive note.

Charlie spends time at camp after being found earlier this week – photo provided by Joseph Onotsky

Charlie, the dog lost after a car accident on the July 4th weekend, has been found not far from the original crash scene.

Joseph Onotski, the son-in-law of Charlie’s owner, recounted what they think happened and when they found him.

“We found him right near the crash site on highway 129 right across the road, he was gone for 12 days before we found him,” said Onotski. “We’re overjoyed to have our boy back, we started crying tears of joy when we clipped the leash on and walked him out of the bush,
we were worried it would be a struggle to get him in the jeep but he jumped right in!”

Joseph believes that Charlie travelled the 60 kilometer round trip back to the summer camp they have near Tunnel Lake and then circled back to the crash site based on continues sightings of the dog over the two weeks.

“Absolutely he did, he was checking spots he knew to try to find us, we think he may have gone to camp looking for us,” said Onotsky. “Aside from a few cuts and scrapes he’s as healthy as can be, he did a great job of keeping the gash on his paw clean.”

Charlies mom was thrilled to see him based on the reaction video which was posted online. She noted how thin he was, the clip ended with shots of the dog eating from the food bowl. Here is hoping this is the last time he ends up re-enacting any scenes from Homeward Bound.

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