Border Stays Closed For Canadians

International Bridge

Canadians will not be permitted to travel into the United States for at least another month.

The U.S. land border will remain closed to non-essential travel until at least August. 21, according to a renewal order issued by the American government Wednesday.

The CBC is reporting that the U.S. government said, while vaccination rates have improved, opening the land border to non-essential travel still poses too high a risk.

The new order expires one minute before midnight on Aug. 21.

The American order comes only a few days after the Canadian government announced its land border would re-open to fully vaccinated U.S. citizens on August 9th and to fully vaccinated travellers from other countries on September. 7th.


  1. Who cares if they don’t allow Canadians into their country as long as we get them spending money over here it will help all the small businesses

  2. If we can’t go to the US, why should we allow US citizen to enter our country. What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander. It should be a mutual opening not one sided only. Keep the Americans out. According to the stats, the US has over 5 million active cases of Covid while Canada has less than 5000. Where is the risk Biden, sounds like its in your back yard not ours.

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