Citizens frustrated over repeat vandalism

A photo of one of the vehicles caught in the vandalism spree, July 19, 2021 - (reader photo)

For the fifth time in the past year, a local resident is left to deal with vandalism to their vehicle and they are not alone.

In what was formally known as little Italy, cars have been silly-stringed, egged and even had toothpaste smeared all over the vehicles while owners slept in their homes. Although, as one person told SaultOnline, it’s better than them breaking in etc., Evey Gordon-Baluge is beyond frustrated.

“I honestly don’t know what I would say but we are beyond frustrated with everything. We work hard to have get what we get,” said Gordon-Baluge. “We can’t afford to continue to replace stolen or damaged things and these criminals are just continually being let out or nothing done to begin with.”

She shared with us that she has given up calling the police or the insurance companies.

“I never called them today because he (her husband) was leaving for camp and taking the car. Honestly I stopped calling too because nothing ever gets done, We are out so much money from vehicle break-ins and garage break-ins but [we have] no choice but to replace it ourselves because deductibles for insurance are too high,” she said.

A van was silly stringed during the vandalism spree.

A couple of weeks ago there was a string of vehicles vandalized. Another owner, yesterday morning, woke up to her vehicle being hit with silly string and posted a picture of her van and quipped, “The Silly Stringer” was out again last night… Lucky this egg head only got the tire with the eggs though.”

Gordon-Balgue said the egg didn’t completely come off this time when they took the car to the car wash, she is hoping they find a way to have it removed.

Stay with as we continue to bring you stories on crime in the city of Sault Ste. Marie.


  1. SOS
    Also SAL’S SUMMER KIDS DAY in Jamestown was named after my father who lived his whole life in Jamestown! That was his nickname which a lot of them had in the West End 😊

    • I won’t call the cops any more because of their terrible response to two separate incidents. I’ll handle things my way. I certainly don’t feel served or protected with Hugh Stevenson (and Provenzano) running the show!! They encourage violence by not responding to incidents like these. It may be petty crime to them but it isn’t to the victims who have to pay for the damage the lowlifes caused.

  2. The little bastards egged my new car multiple times and the shells caused the clear coat to shatter everywhere they hit. It’s going to cost thousands to repaint it. They better hire more cops and cease the catch and release bullshit in this Rinky dink town.

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