City provides update on west end park construction

Jamestown Zoom
An overview of the plans for Jamestown which will be done over the next few years.

As part of a long-term, multi-million dollar investment in Jamestown, Anna Marinelli park is supposed to be getting quite a few upgrades. A stage, removal of an adjacent parking lot and a larger, fully accessible play area are all supposed to be completed as part of the upgrade.

However, while attending the first annual Sal’s Summer Fun Day in the area, this past Sunday, residents were concerned about the lack of progress. One pointed to the area and said nothing has changed.

“The tree area still allows for people like Safe Space, to come and work in a semi-hidden area, even though they aren’t supposed to,” said one resident.

Another said it was going to be sad to see the big trees go, but in the end it’s needed for the community.

We reached out to City officials to figure out where the construction project stands and Travis Anderson, Manager of Parks, provided this update.

“We have not started on the new rubber surfacing or play pieces yet as we have been working on the Basketball court, Skate Park and Soccer Field at Anna Marinelli,” said Anderson. “We have the Pickle Ball Courts starting this week, along with the asphalting of the multi-use trails around Top Sail and Prince Islands in Bellevue Park. We anticipate starting the Anna Marnelli Playground enhancement in August.”

Some construction equipment has been seen in the area and residents are hoping the improvements are done in time to be enjoyed before winter comes.

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  1. What a waste of money. Unless you clean up the trash in the city first, this is just a “cheap paint job” on an ongoing problem. We need to deal with the drugs, crime and homelessness first. Another park in a part of town people avoid with a passion is just out right a waste of tax payers money.

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